• Discovery Stickers

    Discovery Stickers produces high-quality vinyl stickers to encourage individual self-expression and to showcase the work of Pacific Northwest artists. Each of its small-batch but commercial-grade stickers are hand-designed by PNW artists and built to withstand PNW weather, season after season. They are perfect for your car, bike, boat, phone case, luggage, laptop, skateboard, water bottle, etc.! A strong adhesive backing ensures they'll stay where you want them.

    Discovery Stickers and its artists find inspiration, meaning, and urgency in preserving the great outdoors. We embrace inclusiveness, self-expression, self-empowerment, and self-care. Together, we design to empower you, to proudly display and celebrate what's important to you.

    Discovery Stickers is owned by parent company, Discovery Graphics, a custom graphic design service. The name of the company honors the memory of the founding artist's father who was a geologist and owned a mineral exploration company in BC called Discovery Consultants. He loved to sail, loved his family, loved nature and especially rocks, and still inspires 20 years after his passing.

  • About the Artist

    Founder and senior designer: 
    Christine Daughtry
    Tacoma, Washington

    Hi! I’m Christine Daughtry, a graphic designer originally from Canada and now based in Tacoma, Washington. I’ve been passionate about art and design since I was a child. I'm inspired by the beautiful Pacific Northwest and the great outdoors. Years ago, I set out on a creative journey to design stickers that reflect my values in fun, playful, hopeful and colourful ways. I wanted my work to resonate with others who share my values, including LGBTQ+ rights and pride, racial and social justice, lifelong learning and discovery, mental health awareness and care, environmental conservation and stewardship, and the celebration of self-identity. 

    I started this journey in 2016 and, though the company went on brief hiatus, I was thrilled to relaunch it as Discovery Stickers in 2023 with new designs, new company structure, and new inspiration.

    I am incredibly grateful for the support of my friends and family. They have contributed concept ideas and artwork, helped me plan and get organized, and have extended offers to collaborate and support. Their enthusiasm and encouragement motivate me.

    I couldn't be more excited to share these stickers with all of you!